Lingerie Garment Care | A Complete Guide

Lingerie Garment Care Guide

Here at Audrey’s of Broadway, we believe every woman is beautiful and every BODY should feel sexy and confident in their lingerie. We stock luxury brands such as Empreinte and Lise Charmel both providing the most exceptional and luxurious fabrics such as Calais Lace, Guipure and Silk. All of these fabrics require specific care.

We’ve put together our recommendations for your garment care with the help of Lise Charmel.

Make sure you follow the care advice on the label, use a wash bag and never tumble dry your lingerie! In addition to this, if your collection boasts silk garments, we would advise to always hand wash these items.

Lingerie Garment Care

Lingerie is delicate and in order to prolong its life and maintain the garments support and structure, we must wash the items carefully and ideally by hand. Follow our advice on how to take care of your luxury lingerie:

  1. Attach the hook-and-eye of your bra. This will help prevent the lace from being damaged.
  2. Place your lingerie in a lingerie wash bag (or a pillowcase). This will help prevent the garments from being snagged by other items or the washing machine drum.
  3. It’s time to wash your lingerie. We would advise to separate black and white items and choose a cold programme (up to 30°C).
  4. Once the delicate cycle has finished, place the garments on a hanger and dry on a washing line. We would suggest avoiding clothes pegs as they can damage the lace and snag the fabric. In addition to this, never use a tumble dryer! The heat and the drum can deform your beautiful lingerie.
  5. Now your lingerie is clean and dry, lie your bras in a flat position without turning the cup inside out to keep the shape and support of the bra.
  6. To go one step further, we would suggest wrapping the garments in tissue paper or fabric to prevent any snagging on wooden drawers.

And you’re done, all you need to do now is wear, love and enjoy your lingerie sets.

How to prevent creases in your lingerie:

You can iron your lingerie on a low-temperature setting or with a steamer. You’ll need to be extra careful doing this and the iron should never be in direct contact with the garment. We would also advise against ironing anything silk!

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Swimsuit Garment Care

No matter if you’re on vacation, attending a spa or relaxing at home, you need to take care of your swimsuit. Follow our advice on how to maintain your luxury swimwear:

  1. Start by rinsing the swimsuit with clean water after each swim. This will allow you to remove any salt or chlorine residue and prevent the swimwear colour from fading.
  2. Next, use warm water and a dash of hand wash soap to gently clean the item without scrubbing. Please avoid washing your swimwear in a washing machine, this is too aggressive for fabrics such as lycra.
  3. Rinse out your swimsuit and hang to dry. We would recommend avoiding clothes pegs and direct UV light as these can damage and fade the fabric.
  4. Once your item is clean and dry, fold neatly and place in a lined drawer to prevent any snags from wooden drawers.

Using this method will prolong the life of your swimsuit.

We pride ourselves on selling only the best lingerie from the most beautiful French suppliers. Using our lingerie garment care guide you’ll be able to enjoy these pieces for longer without having to compromise on snags, misshapen pieces and discolouration.

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Please stay safe and well.

Best Wishes,

Audrey x

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